UE4 Prerequisites Setup Error Fix PUBG Lite PC

UE4 Prerequisites Setup Error Fix PUBG Lite PC

Hello and welcome, in this article we are going to show you that how to get rid of UE4 Prerequisites Setup Error Fix PUBG Lite PC.

Before we start, Let us know why this error occurs when we try to play or launch PUBG Lite PC version game.

Why This Error Occurs?

well, this error occurs if any of the following situation comes.

  1. When Your PC cannot install PUBG Lite PC Correcly
  2. When the setup contains corrupt files.
  3. When setup is damaged.

You don’t need to download any setup of Unreal Engine 4 because it is already provided in PUBG Lite PC Setup.

To fix the error of UE4 Prereqisites just follow the steps below.

After following any step that we have given below, if any problem comes, comment below and let me help you to fix every issue .

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UE4 Prerequisites Setup Error Fix PUBG Lite PC:

To fix, follow the steps:

1 First of all Go to PUBG Lite PC directory where you installed the game.

2 Now Go to another folder called ‘Client

3 Go to ‘Engine‘ folder

4 Open ‘Extras’ folder

5 Open ‘Redist‘ folder and the open ‘en-us‘. Here you will see the setup for ‘UE4 Prerequisites’.

After finding the setup, just install it. Now you can play PUBG PC Lite without any problem.

If you have any problem in the following above steps, you can watch this video For better understanding.

If any problem occurs again, let me help you to solve your problem.

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  1. pro i have done this whole process

    but the problem still comes

    it asks to install the ue4 prerequisites
    plzzzzzzz help

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