How To Make Money Online With Kindle eBooks

How To Make Money Online With Kindle eBooks

So you are probably here to know more about How To Make Money Online With Kindle eBooks.

I’m ready to take you to the next level to Make Money Online With eBooks Kindle Publishing. So get ready. I will tell you from the beginning to the end. Publishing your own Kindle eBook on Amazon is not a difficult task.

So the first question arises that How To Make A Kindle Book i.e. how to make an eBook for publishing on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

As Amazon KDP is the biggest platform to make money selling ebooks, I will recommend you this platform. Beginners should trust this platform as millions of authors publish their eBooks and other products on Amazon.

I don’t want to waste your time, so let me take you to the topic.

How To Make Money Online With eBooks Kindle Publishing:

So we will be starting from the creation of an eBook.

1. How To Create an eBook?

Creating an eBook is not hard but selecting a good Niche/ Topic for it may be. So you will need to select a good topic for creating an eBook.

  • Select Niche: You will need to select the best Niche on which you can write great and informative content. Niche matters a lot because it directly affects your sales and marketing strategy. You should choose a good niche (ex: Health & Fitness) to boost your sales.
  • Platform: As a beginner, you would like to choose to create an eBook on any website like Canva and others because they provide a good user interface and editing options. But I will not suggest you do so. Simply write your whole eBook in Microsoft Word because it saves time a lot and also helps to improve quality.
  • Content: you must write a mistake-free content i.e. avoid spelling mistakes as well as grammar mistakes. Your content should include Infographics. You must add some good looking and attractive Images to your content.

2. How to Write Attractive Content?

Writing an attractive content is necessary to increase your audience with the first impression. I will tell you how to write good and beautiful content.

1. Use Grammarly:

Writing without any Grammatical mistake is too important because it affects your audience and future sales. You can use Grammarly to write great content without any mistakes.

It will help you to write a mistake-free content. If you do any spelling or grammatical mistakes, it will affect future sales as well as your character as an author of eBook.

2. Infographics:

Infographics play an important role in attracting readers because it provides a piece of great information in less time to the readers.

Infographics are nothing but the images with some attractive diagrams or pictures. You must include infographics to attract your readers. It really helps.

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3. Create an Attractive Cover:

Creating an attractive cover is also an important part because it represents the whole book in one view. A good cover page is an important element to attract buyers to buy your eBook.

  • How to create an attractive cover? If you want to make your eBook look awesome and increase sales, you can try Canva to make an awesome looking cover for eBook. Canva is a website where you can make awesome graphics photos free of cost.
  • Select Title: Now select a good title and mention it on your cover photo of eBook. It will really help to grow sales with less marketing.

4. Publish on Amazon with KDP Account:

Now once your eBook is completed, you can go to Amazon and create your new Kindle Direct Publishing Account.

You can publish your eBook on KDP and then it will be available for sale within 24-48 hours. There are two types of royalties while pricing your eBook on KDP, 70%, and 35%. You can read about that on amazon.

5. Pricing your eBook:

Pricing is the most important element for your eBook because it is directly related to sales. I will recommend you to price your first eBooks with very low and cheap rates because it will attract customers.

When I published my first two eBooks, I priced them for $0.99 and $1.00 because it attracts customers without marketing. Your eBook’s price should be according to the content quality and pages of your eBook.

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How To Make Money Online With Kindle eBooks
Use Social Media to Promote your Products For Free

6. Promotion and Marketing:

Marketing is too important to start your sales in a big amount. Some people think there is no need to promote or market their products. Marketing is nothing but the promotion of your product on various platforms such as social media.

  • Free Marketing: You can do free marketing which is really important to boost sales. you can attract initial customers with the help of free marketing techniques. There are various ways to do so. There are many platforms on social media for marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, and many other platforms. If you have any Facebook Page or YouTube channel or any Website, then promote your eBook there. These platforms will allow you to promote your product free of cost and it will really help to increase sales.
  • Paid Marketing: Paid marketing is also an important part to increase sales revenue. You can go for Google ads and Facebooks Ads which enables paid advertising campaigns for your product. Paid marketing will help more that dree marketing techniques.

So this is the beginner’s tutorial for How To Sell eBooks On Amazon and I hope it will really help you to learn a lot of things.

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