15 Tips For Starting A Youtube Channel – Pro Tips

15 Tips For Starting A Youtube Channel - pro tips

Hello there! Looking for the best tips to start and grow your youtube channel successfully? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you the rest about starting a youtube channel. Here are 15 tips for you.

There are two possibilities, either you have created a brand new youtube channel or you’re about to start it.

So, this article is all about making your youtube career successful. I am gonna help you out to make it so.

Before you close this article let me start our tips to get you at your desired position.

15 Tips For YouTube Channel Creation:

So let me introduce you to some of the best tips/ methods that I’ve used in my YouTube career. If you want to become a successful YouTuber then follow all these tips carefully.

1) Select A Niche/ Category

First of all, You will need such a category which will provide you tons of opportunities to make videos on.

Find out your most favorite topic that will allow you to make amazing videos. My youtube career started in 2017 and I selected the ‘HOW-TO‘ category because I knew that I can make more than 150 videos on such topics.

So make sure that you can create videos without having any issue. Select such a category in which you can create unlimited videos.

2) Select A Unique Name

This is the most important tip that I want to give you. You must select an Attractive and Unique name for your YouTube channel.

To find a unique name, Just search your channel name on youtube and Filter it to Channels. If one or more channel has that name already, change your channel name. Look for an attractive name. Keep in mind that no other channel has the same name as your channel.

3) Make A Studio

If you are going to start a channel, probably you will need a studio where you will make all your videos. Even if you are about to start a channel that will provide screen recorded videos. You will need a good quality MIC, CAMERA and other stuff to make a professional video.

You can create your videos without any studio, but it may result in low-quality videos. Making high-quality videos means to provide clear audio and your language. So just think about it & take a decision.

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4) Make Short Title Videos

This is yet another factor that will matter in your first 10 – 20 videos. While uploading a video regarding your channel’s topic keep in mind that you provide a short and explanatory title.

This will attract viewers and will help you to get subscribers. Just make videos regularly to see the growth of your channel.

5) Upload Regularly

This is the most common factor that makes new YouTubers quit their youtube career. I have also faced this problem. Whenever we start a new youtube channel, we want to see tons of subscribers and views to our channel. But don’t get into that.

Upload videos on the following basis:

  1. daily
  2. Weekly

Upload one video daily or 2 – 3 videos weekly to grow your channel quick. Never upload more than one video in a day.

6) Keyword Research

To get good CPM you’ll need to do keyword research and it will also help you to get views on your videos.

15 tips for starting a youtube channel - pro tips

There are many websites that will help you to do keyword research. Such as Google Keyword Planner & Ubersuggest. Search & select keyword related to your video which has high search volume and low competition.

Include that keyword in Title, Description & Tags. to rank your video.

7) Design Attractive Thumbnails

If you want views on your videos, then you must design good looking & attractive thumbnails. Don’t make a thumbnail so colorful, make it simple & fresh.

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Your thumbnail must look professional in order to get more views. Attractive thumbnails will present the quality of our channel. You can use CANVA to make thumbnails.

8) Use Chrome Addons

As a YouTuber, you know how Tags help to rank videos of your channel. So I will recommend you to use some chrome browser’s addons to easily find and put Tags while uploading a video. TubeBuddy is a nice addon to explore Tags related to the video.

There are many alternatives but according to my experience, This is a simple and good addon.

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9) Jump Direct To The Concept

While making your first 10 to 20 videos on your channel, Don’t waste the viewer’s time by introducing the concept of your video topic. Start your video with the solution (i.e. video must contain direct information without its background)

This will lead to increasing watch time and subscribers as well. Use this strategy for some days.

10) Make Short Videos

Primarily on your YouTube channel make videos of length from 1 to 5 minutes only. People always prefer short videos than long videos.

Short videos will help to get more subscribers because people love to watch short videos that consume no time and gives a solution.

11) Use Social Media

Now it’s time to share your content on social media. If your videos are great, Social media platforms will generate a huge amount of traffic to your channel.

Create Pages of your channel on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to share content. You can get traffic on your videos with this technique.

12) Upload Channel Trailer

Do you know that we can upload a Channel Trailer on our youtube channel?

15 tips for starting a youtube channel - pro tips

You can upload a channel trailer to your youtube channel describing what your channel is all about. It will help to get subscribers. There are a bunch of videos on youtube about this, you can watch them and do accordingly.

Yet another thing. Intro and Trailer are different concepts so don’t mix them up.

13) Collaborate With Other Channels

Collaboration is also an important factor. To grow your fan base, you can collaborate with other youtube channels to increase subscribers instantly.

Sometimes collaboration plays an important role to develop our subscribers base and many more things.

14) Don’t Copy Any Content

This is the most important factor to run a youtube channel successfully. If you copy any video or part of the video, it will lead to a copyright strike. If your channel gets 3 copyright strikes then your channel will be deleted by youtube without any warning.

You can use some royalty-free images or royalty-free videos. But don’t forget to give credits in the description.

15) Use End Screens & Cards

After uploading a video, in the edit section, you will see an option as End Screens and another option as Cards.

End screen and Cards will help to promote our videos, Playlists, website, blog in our video. This will increase the views of other videos.

15 tips for starting a youtube channel - pro tips

So, I think it is enough for now. Follow all the things mentioned in this post and see the growth of your channel.

To make your channel grow, You must wait for 3-4 months because Google takes time to rank and promote your channel and videos.

I hope these 15 tips will help you to start your career as a YouTuber.

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