How To Speed Up Your Computer – 4 Effective ways

How To Speed Up Your Computer - 4 Effective ways

Now a days , there are certain softwares installed in our computers which actually slows down the speed and efficiency of our computer than before. So here are four effective ways to speed up your Computer , Take a Look :

Speed Up Your Computer : 4 Ways

1) Uninstall a Program :

The first and most effective way to speed up your PC is to uninstall the unwanted softwares from your PC. The softwares you don’t use for a long time may decrease the speed of your computer and hence working. 

This method works on many computers as we do in our android phones. Uninstall the unwanted applications i.e. Software from your PC and see if it helps.

If this method doesn’t work for you , you’re ready to go with next few tricks.

2) Clear Temporary Folder : 

This is also the main and important trick to fast up your computer. This method is simple and effective though takes few seconds to work. Simply follow the steps given below. 

1. Go to start menu 

2. Search for ‘%temp%‘ 

3. Open the folder and  

4. Delete all the files you see in %temp%This trick mostly works for all the computers.

If this trick is also not working for you , our third trick will probably gonna work. So lets try out next one

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3) Command Prompt Admin  : 

This trick is too effective and can’t tell anything about it but this trick worked for me correctly and may work for you. Follow the steps given below and see if it works.

How To Speed Up Your Computer - 4 Effective ways
Command Prompt (Administrator)

 1Right Click on Start Menu Button. 

2. Go to Command Prompt (Admin)

3. after windows (cmd) opens up   

4. Type cd.. (press enter after that). 

5. Follow the 4th step again  

6. Then type TREE and press enter. 

Done , after that you will see a long process and this process will stop in few seconds. This trick worked correctly for me and gave a smooth results.

4) Scan with Antivirus : 

This function is probably gonna work for you if you have any good quality antivirus software installed on your computer. Sometimes , small viruses lead to slow down the speed of your computer.

Just take an example of virus just like Adware , Malware and other threats. 
So , i will suggest you to protect your PC by Full System Scan process.

In most of the cases , this is only the reason to suffer from a slow speed of computer. Lagging may destruct us from using our old computer or any which lags a lot while doing any important work.

So , this is the article showing you 4 effective ways to speed up your Windows 10 or any old version operating system PC. If you want more stuff on how-to topic, Subscribe to our newsletter…

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