How To Calculate BMI – Body Mass Index Calculator

How To Calculate BMI - Body Mass Index Calculator

When it comes to health and related things, there are many people who wants to know about How To Calculate BMI – ( Body Mass Index ).

It is simple to calculate Body Mass Index with the formula and there are many sites which has BMI calculator which needs no knowledge of Formula and other things. Lets get to the topic without wasting time.

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How To Calculate BMI :

So if you want to calculate your BMI with the formula, you will need these things first :

  1. Your Weight
  2. Your Height
  3. Formula

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Formula :

The formula for Body Mass Index is as follows :

BMI = Kg/ m2 (i.e. a person’s weight divided by a person’s height in meters)

To convert your height in meter square, Divide it by 100 and make its square. for ex: height is 180 cm. then height in meter square is 180/100 = 1.8 hence square is equal to 1.8×1.8

Therefore, for ex : BMI = 70(kg)/1.8×1.8 i.e. 70/3.24 = 21.60. You can calculate your BMI using the BMI CLCULATOR below.

BMI Calculator :

Your BMI is

The BMI between 15 to 18.5 means UNDERWEIGHT

And between 18.5 to 25 means NORMAL/ IDEAL

And above 25 means OVERWEIGHT

The Body mass Index is very helpful for health related issues because most of the problems of diseases regarding happens due to either underweight problem or overweight problem.

By checking your BMI it will be helpful to know about the current status of health.Comment below the post and you can also request a post to us in the site’s menu > More > Request post.

You can visit the World Health Organisation site to understand about it more easily. If you liked the post, comment below.

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